On this day, we commemorate the departure of St. Abahor the Monk. He was a native of the City of Abraht in the district of Ashmonen, Egypt. He was a distinguished monk who surpassed many of the fathers in his worship.

He loved to live in seclusion in the desert. Satan envied him, appeared to him and said, "Here in the wilderness you can defeat me because you are alone, but if you dare go to Alexandria." He rose at once, went to Alexandria and remained there for a while drawing water from the wells for the prisoners and for old people.

One day as the horses were galloping in the city, a horse kicked a child and killed him. Saint Abahor was standing near to where the child was killed. Satan made some people near by cry out saying that the old saint had killed the child. A large crowd gathered around him and kept scorning him.

Saint Abahor was not disturbed. He took the child in his arms prayed to the Lord Jesus and made the sign of the Cross over the child. The child's soul returned to him and the saint delivered him to his parents. The people standing around marveled and glorified God. Their hearts and minds were attracted to the saint. Being aware of the false honor, he escaped to the desert and stayed there in one of the monasteries for some time.

When the time of his departure from this world drew near, he saw a company of saints inviting him to be with them. He rejoiced exceedingly, sent for his disciples and informed them that his departure to the Lord Jesus was near. They were exceedingly sad and felt that they would become like orphans without him. After a short sickness, he delivered up his soul in the hands of the Lord.

On this day also we commemorate