On this day we commemorate the departure of St. Akakios, Patriarch of Constantinople. He was knowledgeable and literate in the Holy Books and knew how to explain their mysteries. They ordained him a priest over the Church of Constantinople.

When the Council of Chalcedon convened, he refused to attend its meeting and when they called on him to hear his opinion, he refused claiming he was sick. He was exceedingly sorrowful for the tribulations that befell St. Dioscorus and he made it known to those he trusted from the Governors, Christians and ministers whom he knew to be faithful Orthodox. He used to thank the Lord that he did not participate in the works of this Council.

When Anatolius, the Patriarch of Constantinople departed, St. Akakios was chosen by the believing ministers and the officials to be his successor. He laboured diligently to eliminate the division and enmity that dwelled in the Church. When he found that the spiritual ailment was deep-rooted and difficult to overcome, he believed that it was time to devote his efforts to the salvation of his own soul.

He sent a letter to Abba Peter, the Pope of Alexandria, confessing the true faith he had learned and received from the holy fathers Cyril and Dioscorus. He followed up with other letters asking Abba Peter to accept fellowship with him.

Abba Peter answered all his letters and he also wrote him a Catholic letter and sent it with three bishops. They travelled disguised until they entered Constantinople and met Akakios, who received them with great honour and took the letter from them. He read the letter to his friends, the Orthodox nobles of the city and they all received it with reverence, and confessed the true faith.

Afterwards, he accompanied the three bishops to some monasteries and took part with them in the celebration of the liturgy and the partaking of Holy Communion. The bishops then exchanged the blessings with him, took the letter, returned it to Abba Peter and informed him about their fellowship with Abba Akakios. Abba Peter accepted the letter and ordered that Abba Akakios be mentioned in the Liturgies and the prayers of the Coptic Church.

When the news reached the Roman Bishops, they exiled St. Akakios from Constantinople. He remained in exile until he departed in peace and all the while remaining firm in his Orthodox faith.

On this day also we commemorate St. Macarius, the martyr.