On this day we celebrate the memory of Auxentios of the Mountain.

Auxention lived during the reign of king Theodosios the Short in 440. He came from the East and held the office of Scholarios. He became a monk and ascended the mountain which lies opposite Oxia, which is a small island near Chalke and the other islands which are near Constantinople.

Auxentios was a very patient ascetic and most orthodox in his faith, since he criticised Nestorios' and Eutyches' heresy and accepted the holy and ecumenical fourth Council in Chalcedon. He was made worthy by God to perform miracles. Moreover, he had a most beautiful face both by nature and grace. So, because of all these virtues of his, the kings themselves revered him and honoured him greatly. When he rested in peace, he was buried in the prayer house which he had built.