Theodore the Tyron

On this day we celebrate the memory of Theodore the Tyron.

Theodore lived during the reign of kings Maximian and Maximinus in 297. He came from the metropolis of Amasia (which is a famous city of Cappadocia at the Black Sea) and specifically from a village called Choumialon. When Theodore was conscripted into the army of Tyrons (tyron means "newly recruited soldier") and was in praepositus Vrigas' battalion, he confessed that Christ is true God and that the idols of the Greeks are lifeless statues and human handiworks. So, he was brought in front of the forementioned praepositus who gave him time for him to think as well as a deadline. Then the saint accomplished a great deed. He got the idol of Rea who, as the Greeks believed, was the mother of the gods, and burnt it completely.

So, he was arrested and confessed that he was the one who burnt the idol. Therefore, he was executed.