On this day we celebrate the memory of Cassianos the Roman.

Cassianos came from Rome and was the son of pious and glorious parents, by whom he was given to a teacher who instructed him assiduously in external
philosophy, because he had not only sharp intelligence but also love of learning and diligence. Then Cassianos devoted himself to the Old and New Testaments. So, he reached the extreme of divine knowledge and adorned his life with chastity and purity. Then, he departed from his home and, leaving his family and the army (since he had previously been conscripted) as well as every kind of pride of this life, he took up his cross on his shoulders and followed Christ, i.e. he entered a monastery becoming a monk and, surrendering himself to every kind of obedience and ascetic practice, he was alway mindful of God through prayer. Because of his extreme obedience and humility he also reached the extreme of discretion and, thus, he left to find peace.

Then he went to various places and met saints and prudent holy men, whose virtues he put together in himself like a hardworking bee. In this way he also became a model and example of every kind of virtue for the others and with his words and deeds he move them to his own zeal and mimesis. He visited all the monasteries and hermitages which lie all over Egypt, Thebais, Netria, Asia, Black Sea and Cappadocia. So, he overcame all passions and, purifying his spirit, he got to know by experience and the grace of the Holy Spirit the exact way of the monastic life as well as how the complete victory against passions is achieved. This is why he wrote "Concerning the Eight Sinful Thoughts" and "Concerning the Order of the Coenobia in Egypt and Asia." Through these works he greatly benefited both the hermits and the coenobites.

Cassianos could greatly benefit and cause spiritual pleasure by his appearance alone. He taught and advised both by his silence and by his words. Moreover, he was very simple and discrete, so that even most venerable and thrice blessed John of the Climax praised Cassianos' homily on obedience. Having lived venerably in this way, having reached extreme composure, having shined with his prophetic gift and having been shown to be great everywhere, he departed to the Lord in peace. His holy relics richly pour forth various healings to those who approach them with faith.