Nicephoros, Patriarch of Constantinople

When Mantiarch John the illegal, the pseudopatriarch, was deposed from the throne of Constantinople, most holy Patriarch Methodios ascended the throne in 843. Among other things he also accomplished the following.

He talked to king Michael and his mother Theodora saying that it would have been unfair not to bring back to Constantinople the holy relics of venerable and most holy father Nicephoros, who was banished from the Patriarchal throne due to his orthodox and unblemished faith and ended his life in exile. The aforementioned royals were convinced at these words and immediately sent men to bring the saint's relics. Patriarch Methodios went with them together with priests and monks.

When they found that the holy body had been preserved completely incorruptible and whole, although nineteen years had passed since the saint's death, they took it on the royal ship and brought it to Constantinople with candles and spiritual hymns. When the ship passed from the stronghold (acropolis) ford, the king and the whole Senate met the holy relics holding candles in their hands and they kissed the precious body. Then they carried it on their shoulders and left it in the great church. There they sang an all-night vigil and in the morning they carried it on their shoulders again and brought it to the church of the great and holy Apostles on the thirteenth day of this month. This same day is the day when St. Nicephoros departed to the exile.