Saint Eudokia the Samaritan March 1

Eudokia the Samaritan came from Helioupolis, which lies in the district of Libanesia in Phoenicia, and lived during the reign of king Trajan in 160.

She was an unbeliever and a pagan. At the beginning she led a life of promiscuity and vice and, because she attracted many lovers with her beauty, she laid aside a lot of money. Then she believed in Christ through a monk, Germanus by name, whom she had heard reading edifying homilies about piety and repentance. Having believed in the divine revelations, which she had been made worthy to see, she was baptised by bishop Theodotos. Indeed, having been guided by a divine angel, she fell into a trance and she thought that she rose to heaven and that she saw the holy angels, who were rejoicing for her return. But she also saw a black and most ugly one who was gnashing his teeth and crying that he would be wronged if anybody took her from his hands. So, having come to her senses, she distributed to the poor all her sinfully gathered wealth and went to a monastery, where she became a nun. She had been accused by her former lovers for being a Christian but, because she performed a miracle and raised the king's son, she attracted the king to Christ's faith.