St. Akakios, Bishop of Melitine

Akakios, bishop of Melitine lived during the reign of emperor Decius in 251. Because he taught the faith of Christ, he was caught by the idolaters and he was brought to Consul Marcianus. Marcianus questioned him about his preaching and, so, St. Akakios related to him the whole oeconomia of the incarnate Word of God. He also talked about the Cherubim and Seraphim and he criticised and mocked the chatty fallacy of the Greeks. The emperor ordered that the saint ought to be released from prison without insult or punishment. Thus, from that time on this thrice blessed father walked free, bearing on his body the scars and wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ. After he had taught the faith of Christ to many people and having shone brightly with his teaching and miracles, he departed to the Lord in peace.