William Hobart Hare
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William Hobart Hare

William Hobart Hare (1838-1909) was an American bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church, son of George Emlen Hare. He was born at Princeton, New Jersey, and was educated at the University of Pennsylvania. He preached in Philadelphia until 1870, was for three years the general agent of the foreign committee of the board of missions, and in 1872 was elected Missionary Bishop of Niobrara (also see The Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota). In 1883 his diocese was extended to include the State of South Dakota. He wrote several pamphlets on missionary work in the West.

He was one of the leading missionaries in America and was called "the Apostle of the West" for his dedicated work in the rural Dakotas among pioneers and Native Americans.

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Wakantanka, Holy God, you called your servant William Hobart Hare to bear witness to you throughout the vast reaches of the Niobrara Territory, bearing the means of grace and the hope of glory to the peoples of the Plains: We give you thanks for the devotion of those who received the Good News gladly, and for the faithfulness of the generations who have succeeded them. Strengthen us with your Holy Spirit that we may walk in their footsteps and lead many to faith in Jesus Christ, in whom the living and the dead are one; and who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

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Psalm 121
Isaiah 40:3-11    Romans 10:12-17    John 4:7-15