• Departure of St. Simeon II, the 51st Pope of Alexandria
  • Martyrdom of St. John the Soldier

Departure of St. Simeon II, the 51st Pope of Alexandria
On this day in the year 822 A.D. the holy father Abba Simeon II, the 51st Pope of Alexandria departed. This saint was the son of one of the elders of Alexandria, his parents were Orthodox Christians. He grew in the faith from his childhood, learned the doctrines of the church and chose for himself the monastic life.

He went to the Desert of Scete and became a monk in the monastery of Abba Jacob. He dwelt with him for many years during which he weakened his body by his strenuous ascetic life, and his worshipping. When Abba Marcus II, became a Patriarch, he requested from Abba Jacob that St. Simeon join him because of his good reputation and sound management. He stayed with Abba Marcus until his departure.

Again when Abba Jacob, his spiritual father, became Patriarch, he kept Abba Simeon with him and he benefited from his company. When Abba Jacob departed, the bishops, priests and elders agreed with spiritual unity to appoint this father Patriarch for what they had seen of him during his stay with the previous patriarchs from piety and orthodox faith. They seized him and ordained him a Patriarch against his will. He lived a holy life which pleased the Lord.

The Lord willed for him to depart in peace only five and a half months after being Patriarch.

Martyrdom of St. John the Soldier
On this day also we commemorate the martyrdom of St. John the soldier from the City of Ashrobah.

May the blessing of his prayers be with us. Glory be to God forever. Amen.