• Departure of St. James, Patriarch of Antioch
  • Departure of St. Pelagia

Departure of St. James, Patriarch of Antioch
On this day we commemorate the departure of the holy father Abba James, Patriarch of Antioch. Great tribulations befell him, and he was exiled for keeping the Orthodox faith. After he remained in exile for a period of time, the people of the city gathered and brought him back. Then the Arians exiled him again and he stayed in exile for seven more years and departed in peace.

Departure of St. Pelagia
On this day we also commemorate the departure of St. Pelagia. This righteous woman was born in the City of Antioch from pagan parents, and she had both a corrupt faith and a corrupt manner of life.

She met a holy bishop whose name was Paul who preached to her. She believed in the Lord Jesus at his hands, and confessed to him everything which she had done. He encouraged her and taught her not to despair but to truly repent. Then he baptized her in the Name of the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit and she was illuminated by the grace of baptism.

She led a penitent life with a pure heart and determination and she consumed her body with strenuous worship. Then she dressed herself in the garb of men and went to Jerusalem and worshipped in its sanctuaries. She met Abba Alexandros the Patriarch of Jerusalem who sent her to one of the convents outside Jerusalem. She dwelt there forty years and departed in peace.

May her prayers be with us. Glory be to God forever. Amen.