• Departure of St. Dioscorus II, the 31st Pope of Alexandria

Departure of St. Dioscorus II, the 31st Pope of Alexandria
On this day of the year 511 A.D. the holy father Abba Dioscorus II, the 31st Pope of Alexandria departed. He was chosen Patriarch by the guidance of the Holy Spirit after the departure of his predecessor St. John. He was meek in disposition, his work and knowledge were outstanding, and he was perfect all his days; no one was like him in his generation.

His first work after his enthronement to the See of St. Mark was writing a universal Epistle to the holy father Abba Severus the Patriarch of Antioch. This Epistle contained an article about the Holy Trinity as equal in Essence and Divinity, and an explanation of the Incarnation and how God the Word was incarnated and united in a human body complete in everything, and by this unity became one Son, one Christ, one Lord, inseparable not two. The Trinity is one before and after this unity with no addition after Incarnation.

When the Epistle reached Abba Severus he made it known to the people of Antioch. He rejoiced after reading it and responded to St. Dioscorus congratulating him on his Christian leadership and for guarding the Orthodox faith. He commanded him to keep guarding the faith and to let the sayings and work of the Orthodox faith instituted by the Three Hundred and Eighteen Fathers in Nicaea be his accord. Abba Dioscorus joyfully received this message and he read it from the pulpit to all the people.

This father continually taught his people, urged and commanded the priests in every city to shepherd and guide their flocks. Having ended his course, he departed in peace.

May his prayers be with us. Glory be to God forever. Amen.