This is the truth send from above

(short introduction)

This is the truth- * send from above,
the truth of God- * the God of Love.
There- *fore, don't send me- * from your door;
but- * harken all- * both- * rich- * and poor.

And at that season- * of the year,
our blest Redeemer- * did appear.
He- * here did live, and- * here did preach,
and- * many thou- *- sands- * he- * did teach.

Thus he in love to- * us behaved
to show us how we- * must be saved.
And- * if you want to- * know the way,
be- * pleased to hear- * what- * he- * did say.


trad. English
arr. E. Barsabe, 2002