Since its beginning, The Mission of St. Clare (The Daily Office) has turned down donations because

1) religious organizations tend to do too much of asking you to open your wallet
    (I was once a "stewardship" chairperson, so I know), and
2) it is not incorporated as a non-profit entity.

However, many people have asked whether they can make a donation, so here is a way to do so (with the understanding that this donation cannot be used for IRS tax credits in the way that donations to your congregation or other non-profit organization might be used). Thank you.

All blessings to you and yours,

Thank you to the two people who volunteered to help incorporate The Mission of St. Clare as not-for-profit. Dealing with becoming non-profit is a complex matter because The Mission of St. Clare does not have a physical presence beyond the computer's RAM, nor any employees (volunteers only, including myself), nor any membership (the two housecats and assorted garden spiders are not accepted by what the law defines as "members"). Also, to be incorporated here requires three signing corporate officers, none of whom can be related to each other and all of whom must be members, of which—as stated above—there are none. Nevertheless, thank you both for your offers of help.