All Earth is waiting

All Earth is waiting to see the Promised One,
and open furrows, the sowing of our God.
All the world, bound and struggling,
seeks true liberty;
it cries out for justice and searches for the truth.

Thus says the prophet to those of Israel,
"A virgin mother will bear Emmanuel":
One whose name is "God with us," our Savior shall be,
through whom hope will blossom once more
within our hearts.

Mountains and valleys will have to be made plain;
open new highways, new highways for our God,
Who is now coming closer, so come all and see,
and open the doorways,
as wide as can be.

In lowly stable the Promised One appeared,
yet feel that presence throughout the Earth today,
For Christ lives in all Christians and is with us now;
again, on arriving
Christ bring us liberty.