Hymn: The 'Son of Consolation'

The 'Son of Consolation',
Saint Barnabas the good,
Filled with the Holy Spirit
And faith in Christ the Lord,
In lowly self-oblation,
To make an offering meet,
Laid down his earthly riches
At the Apostles' feet.
The Son of Consolation,
In following his Lord
Attained the martyr's glory,
And entered his reward:
With him is faith now ended,
For ever lost in sight,
Where love made perfect fills him
With praise and joy and light.
All sons of consolation,
How great their joys will be
When Christ the King shall tell them
'You did it unto me':
The merciful and loving
The loving Lord shall own,
And set them as his jewels
Around the Father's throne.

Singers: Choir of the King's School