Mission of St. Clare logo Holy Father, great creator

Holy Father, great creator, source of mercy, love, and peace,
Look upon the Mediator, clothe us with his righteousness;
Heav'nly Father, heav'nly Father, through the Saviour hear and bless.

Holy Jesus, Lord of glory, whom angelic hosts proclaim,
While we hear your wondrous story, meet and worship in your name,
Dear Redeemer, dear Redeemer, in our hearts your peace proclaim.

Holy Spirit, sanctifier, come with unction from above,
Touch our hearts with sacred fire, fill them with the Saviours love,
Source of comfort, source of comfort, cheer us with the Saviours love.

God the Lord, through ev'ry nation let your wondrous mercies shine
In the song of your salvation ev'ry tongue and race combine.
Great Jehovah, great Jehovah, form our hearts and make them shine.

Church of the Redeemer,Morristown, NJ
Words: Alexander V. Griswold
Composer: John Goss
Tune: Lauda anima/>