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Glorification for Saint Mary, Coptic Hymn

Seven times everyday,
I will praise Your Holy Name,
with all my heart,
O God of everyone.

Shashf ensop emmeenee:
evol khen paheet tierf:
tee-na esmou epekran:
eptchois empee e-eptierf.

I remembered Your Name,
and I was comforted,
O King of the ages,
and God of all gods.

Ai erev mev-ee empekran:
Owoh ai jem nomtee:
epíouro ennee eíon:
Evnoutee ente ni- noutee.

Jesus Christ
our true Lord,
who has come for our salvation,
was incarnate.

Isos pee-ekhrestos pennotee:
pee aleethinos:
Vee etaf ee ethve pensotee:
afersoma teekos.

He was incarnate,
of the Holy Spirit,
and of Mary
the pure Bride.

Af etshy sarx evol:
khen pee epnevma ethowab:
nem evol khen Maria:
tee shelet ethowab.

And changed our sorrow,
and all our troubles
to joy for our hearts,
and total rejoicing.

Afvonh empen heevee :
nem pen hog heg tierf:
e-ourashee enheet:
nem outheleel e-eptierf.

Let us worship Him,
and sing about His mother,
the Virgin, Mary
the beautiful dove.

Maren ou-osht emmof:
o-woh enten er hymnos:
entef mav Maria:
tee-etshrompee ethnesos.

And let us all proclaim,
with a joyful voice,
saying Hail to you O Mary,
the Mother of Emmanuel.

O-woh enten osh evol:
khen ou ezmee entheleel:
je shere ne Maria:
ethmav en Emmanoueel.

Hail to you Mary, the salvation of our father Adam,
Hail! the mother of the Refuge,
Hail! the rejoicing of Eve,
Hail! the joy of all generations.

Shere ne Maria: ep-sotee en adam peniot:
Shere!: ethmav empee ma emvot:
Shere!: eptheleel en eva:
Shere!: ep ounof enni geneía.

Hail! the joy of the righteous Abel,
Hail! the true Virgin,
Hail! the salvation of Noah,
Hail! the chaste and undefiled.

Shere!: evrashi en abel pee ethmee:
Shere!: teeparthenos enta evmee:
Shere!: evnohem en-no-eh:
Shere!: tee at-tholeb en semne.

Hail! the grace of Abraham,
Hail! the unfading crown,
Hail! the redemption of Saint Isaac,
Hail! the Mother of the Holy.

Shere!: epehmot en abraëam:
Shere!: pee eklom en atlom:
Shere!: epsotee en isaak pe-ethowab:
Shere!: ethmav emve ethowab.

Hail! the rejoicing of Jacob,
Hail! myriads of myriads,
Hail! the pride of Judah,
Hail! the mother of the Master.

Shere!: eptheleel enyakob:
Shere!: hanethva enkob:
Shere!: epshosho en yoda:
Shere!: ethmav empee zes pota.

Hail! the preaching of Moses,
Hail! the Mother of the Master,
Hail! the honor of Samuel,
Hail! the pride of Israel.

Shere!: ep hee oish emmoi sees:
Shere!: ethmav empee zes potees:
Shere!: eptaio ensamoíeel:
Shere!: epshoushou empee israíeel.

Hail! the steadfastness of Job the Righteous,
Hail! the precious stone,
Hail! the Mother of the Beloved,
Hail! the daughter of King David.

Shere!: eptagro en yob pee ethmee:
Shere!: pee onee en anamee:
Shere!: ethmav empee menreet:
Shere!: etsheeree em ep ouro daveed.

Hail! the friend of Solomon,
Hail! exaltation of the just,
Hail! the redemption of Isaiah,
Hail! the healing of Jeremiah.

Shere!: te-eshveeree en solomon:
Shere!: ep etchee see en-nezee-keíon:
Shere!: epougai en isa-eyas:
Shere!: ep-tal-tcho en yeremias.

Hail! the knowledge of Ezekiel,
Hail! the grace of Daniel,
Hail! the power of Elijah,
Hail! the grace of Elisha.

Shere!: ep-emi enyezeke-eel:
Shere!: kharisto dane-eel:
Shere!: etgom en eelias:
Shere!: pee ehmot en eleese-os.

Hail! the Mother of God,
Hail! the Mother of Jesus Christ,
Hail! the beautiful dove,
Hail! the Mother of the Son of God.

Shere!: tee theotokos:
Shere!: ethmav enIsos Pekh restos:
Shere!: tetshrompee ethnesos:
Shere!: ethmav en Eyos Theos.

Hail to you Mary,
who was witnessed
by all the prophets,
and they said.
Behold God the Word,
took flesh from you,
in an undescribable, unity.

Shere!: etav ermethre nas:
enje ni-eprofee-tees teero:
owooh avgo emmos.
Hep-pe evnotee pilo-ghos:
etafetshee sarx en-kheetee:
khen oumeto-wai:
en atsaji empesriti.

You are truly exalted,
more than the rod of Aaron, O full of grace.
What is the rod, but Mary,
for it is the symbol, of her virginity.

Tetshosee aleethos: ehote pee eshvot:
ente A-aron: o-thee ethmeh en ehmot.
Ashpe pee eshvot: eveel e-Maria:
je enthof pe ep-tee-pos: entes parthenia.

She conceived and gave birth,
without a man,
to the Son of the Highest,
the Word Himself.
Through her prayers, and intercessions,
O Lord open unto us
the gates of the Church.

As-er-vo-kee as-meesee:
khoris seeno sia:
em-ep-sheeree emvee etetsho-see:
peeloghos en aithia.
Hiten nes evkee: nem nes epresvia:
A-oo-own nan eptchois:
em evro ente tee-ekek leesia.

I entreat you, O Mother of God,
keep the gates of the Church open to the faithful.
Let us ask her to intercede for us before her Beloved
that He may forgive us.

Teetee ho ero: o tee theotokos:
ka evro enni ekekleesia: ev-ou-een enneepistos.
Marenteeho eros: Ethres tovh egon:
nahren pesmenreet: eethref ko nan evol.

You are called, O Virgin Mary,
the holy Flower, of the incense

Avmoutee ero: Maria tee parthenos:
je tee ehreeree ethowab: ente pee estoinofee.

Which came out, and blossomed
from the roots of the patriarchs
and the prophets.

Thee etac teeo-o e-epshoi: acveeree evol:
khen ethnonee ennee patre yar shees:
nem nee eprofeetees.

Like the rod of
Aaron the Priest,
which blossomed
and brought forth fruit.

Em evreetee empee eshvot:
ente a-aron pe-oweeb:
etaf-veeree evol:
af opt enkarpos.

For you gave birth to the Word
without seed of man,
and your virginity,
was not corrupted.

Je-aregvo empee-Loghos:
atch ne esperma enromee:
esíoi en attako:
enje tes parthenia.

Wherefore we magnify you,
as the Mother of God,
ask your Son,
to forgive us.

Ethve Vai tentee w-ou ne:
hos theotokos:
mateeho empe-sheeree:
ethervko nan evol.


St. George, Geushi Shobra, Egypt
From: Tasbeha.org