Welcome to the index of my compositions. I've been having fun, and I hope that you will enjoy at least a few of these pieces.

Let me confess that I didn't major in music. I began composing when I was about 10 years old while attending a theater school for children, and if I can ever dig up that first composition, I'll post it here.

Years passed.

Three and a half decades later, the work of designing and maintaining the Online Daily Office, forced me to begin composing again because the Online Daily Office needed music. Most of that need could be, and is, filled by using music that is in the public domain. However, other liturgical material either didn't have readily available settings, or the settings that existed were not really that interesting.

In composing this music, I've tested out various styles. I've also been awed and delighted that some music seems to want to write itself. For example, I started singing Dark night while sweeping my living room--making me believe that the Shakers could be right: some music seems to be handed down from above (or, at least, the subconscious mind tends to be a better composer than the conscious mind!).

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Elisheva Barsabe
The Mission of St. Clare