Church Music

by Elisheva Barsabe

Welcome and introduction  

 new-->Night is come

music for Evening Prayer
May 5, 2002

All will be well

a short invocation, used at the end of intercessory prayers


a treat (or test) for the keyboardist, unison voices

Christ, hear our prayers

a short invocation, used at the beginning of intercessory prayers

Dark night

an anthem (SATB) to be sung on Holy Saturday

It is good to give thanks
(Psalm 92)

cello, piano, tambourine-- dance, dance, dance!


sweet piano music

Give thanks unto our God

an anthem (SATB) that my husband calls "French movie music"

Paschal amen

a moment of Anglican cathedral music

(Canticle 15)

for the Daily Office

New every morning

just the music, not the lyrics

Nunc Dittimus
(Canticle 17)

for the Daily Office

Our God, we call for help by day
(Psalm 88)

sung SATB in close harmony, meant to be sung a capella

St. Joseph

sweet organ music

St. Mark

even sweeter piano music

Sing to our God
(Psalm 96)

a psalm for steel drums

Te Deum
(Canticle 21)

everybody has to write at least one Te Deum

The desert shall rejoice

a cheerful hymn with descant

This is the day

another cheerlful hymn, dedicated to Mar Paul David Strong