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One more time.

So, what's new here since last month?As of November 1st, the format is simplier and there's a Table of Contents at the top right on each day's page for larger screens. I hope this format works for almost everybody. If not, just send a message: your messages are appreciated. (Please read on.)


Why putting web pages together is much more difficult than it was. In 1991, the Internet looked like this. After six months of studying "responsive web design," I'm leaning towards other designer's opinions that the Internet should still look like that. Standards, then, were implemented (sort of--yes, I'm looking at you, IE) when there were five browsers. Now, there's a proprietary browser on each mobile device, so make that 20 to 30 browsers--each of which is implementing HTML5 in its own way, which means, in essence, that although W3C dictates that HTML5 is the standard code through which to present web sites, there really is no standard.

Making any web site work for both mobiles and larger devices has become triage. A web site that looks like this one over here (coded by the professionals' professionals), is a vast kludge, and still won't work for everybody. (Technical people: take a look at the source for that page--do you see the word "kludge" more than once? Yes.) But, I'll keep trying.


Zoom on mobile devices. If you zoom out the text, it scrolls off the page. Yep. That's been a known source of frustration for the last 8 years (as far back as research seems to go on this matter). There are kludges (that word, again), but none work well or over all devices. I have some tests in mind: you all will be the first (besides my husband) to know how these go.


Audio on this web site. The audio for music on this web site is HTML5 compliant. It does not preload, so you won't get a music file until you start the music. The music resides on this Mission St. Clare web site. The audio for the spoken BCP Daily Office comes from The Church in Garette County, Maryland, USA. It's not always available: just send them a note when it's not. The audio for the New Zealand Daily Office comes from, well, New Zealand. If something goes wrong with that audio, please let them know.


Note that there's a colored box at the bottom right of each day's page with some numbers in it. The color indicates whether you are using a large (red), medium (blue), or small (yellow) screen. The numbers are: first, the size of your device's window and second, the size of your browser's window (not including scrollbars). If you're having problems, please include the color of the box and these two numbers in your message. Thanks, and blessings.

Elisheva, Vicar


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